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Round Island

The K5R Round Island Mississippi IOTA expedition is now history!!! The team arrived on the island Friday, 1 October, 2004 around 1400Z and the first QSO was logged at 2015Z (W4ABW on 20M SSB). For the next 41 hours the team was busy handing out QSOs for this unique combination of a brand new island added to the NA082 group, first time ever activation of US Island MS-001 and the Amateur Radio Lighthouse Society designation of USA-711 for the Round Island lighthouse destroyed by hurricane Georges in 1998 but currently being reconstructed. K5R went QRT at 1330Z on 3 October with the final QSO being DL2DXA on 17M CW. Weather for our expedition was very nice, if a little on the warm side. Daytime temperatures were near 90 degrees F (32 deg C) with evening temperatures dipping to 70 degrees F (21 deg C). We were extremely fortunate to have clear to partly cloudy skies for the entire weekend and seas less than 2 feet making our trip out and back fairly smooth. A nice seabreeze really helped keep us comfortable on Friday and Saturday. The team would like to offer special thanks to a good friend, David Kilbern and his dad, for use of their 16' boat for the weekend.

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New photos added 14 October

Activity Summary

K5R 2004 QSO Distribution by Geographic Region
804020 15103017 12All
USA5233222 8666209 0596
Canada5322 50229 066
North America114 3116 017
South America015 1115 014
Europe09285 272030218 5702
Africa013 2000 06
Asia000 2003 05
Japan000 00065 065
Oceania002 0020 04
Totals58131344 2938102535 51476
SSB/CW Breakdown by Band
804020 15103017 12Total
SSB5832344 14580207 5799
CW0990 1480102328 0677

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